Cor is a software foundation which can be bundled with custom code to quickly build portable applications.

Cor applications run on most Operating Systems (OSs), including Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Android.

Cor applications can have a command, web or graphical interface.

For developers

What to know

How it works

  1. Download cortcl for your OS.
  2. Download Fossil for your OS.
  3. Create a Fossil repository for your application.
  4. Develop your OS-agnostic application against cortcl.
  5. For each OS your application targets:
    1. Download cortcl.
    2. Combine cortcl and your application to create new executable.
    3. Add new executable to application repository.


The easiest way to distribute the executables is by putting them online for download.

The executables themselves to do not require special hosting and are compatible with any form of file sharing.

Independent distribution, on the other hand, requires a hosting environment capable of running Fossil. Thankfully, Fossil's platform coverage and minimal requirements make it compatible with most hosting services. Some even specialize in Fossil, and some of those have a free offering.

Once you have an instance of Fossil running on the internet, uploading the application is as simple as cloning its repository to the remote host.

For users

What to know

  1. How to download a file
  2. How to unpack an archive - This is automatically handled on most OSs.