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Adamant is a mount manager for autofs(5) which overcomes rough edges in FreeBSD’s native implementation.
Bkeeper is a double-entry accounting system, based on ledger (cli-ledger) and python, which is suitable as a Point-of-Sale (POS) ecosystem for small retail businesses with custom inventory, distributed with fossil.
Envirun is a global environment for login shells derived from sh or csh.
Geomatti is a collection of rc(8) services for FreeBSD’s GEOM disk I/O framework.
Lab contains source and package configurations for software titles which are not fit for release, due to being experimental, under rapid or inactive development, or similar state.
Bisdro is a live distribution builder, with package support, for FreeBSD consisting of a utility suite, documentation and other resources for building, p ackaging and distributing live installations.
Liquid Fossil - Petroleum is a self-hosting static site manager which transforms Fossil artifacts into unversioned HTML files using Pandoc for extended template processing; the resulting files can be served by Fossil, or any other web server with minimal configuration.
Software engine for cross-platform development and distribution
A tclkit
FreeBSD:aarch64 Annex
FreeBSD:i386 Annex
FreeBSD:amd64 Annex
Official Drive Images
Fossil Annex
Stack is a collection of software metadata for building and distributing FreeBSD packages.
FreeBSD:13:arm64 Annex
FreeBSD:13:amd64 Annex
FreeBSD:14:i386 Annex
FreeBSD:14:amd64 Annex
Sides are configuration class hierarchies for running FreeBSD in Bisdro Mode; A Sides are stored under /conf and are applied early; B Sides are stored under /usr/local and are applied later.
Core A Sides
Core B Sides
This website contains a collection of content, including source files and wiki pages, for https://Bisd.ro, intended for processing by an external program such as Pandoc.
Strata is a web framework for Fossil
Extended Fossil
FreeBSD:10 Official Base
FreeBSD:10:i386 Official Base
FreeBSD:10:i386 Official Stock
FreeBSD:10:amd64 Official Base
FreeBSD:10:amd64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:11:aarch64 Official Base
FreeBSD:11:aarch64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:11 Official Base
FreeBSD:11 Official Stock
FreeBSD:11:i386 Official Base
FreeBSD:11:i386 Official Stock
FreeBSD:11:amd64 Official Base
FreeBSD:11:amd64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:12:aarch64 Official Base
FreeBSD:12:aarch64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:12 Official Base
FreeBSD:12 Official Stock
FreeBSD:12:i386 Official Base
FreeBSD:12:i386 Official Stock
FreeBSD:12:amd64 Official Base
FreeBSD:12:amd64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:13:aarch64 Official Base
FreeBSD:13:aarch64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:13 Official Base
FreeBSD:13 Official Stock
FreeBSD:13:i386 Official Base
FreeBSD:13:i386 Official Stock
FreeBSD:13:amd64 Official Base
FreeBSD:13:amd64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:14:aarch64 Official Base
FreeBSD:14:aarch64 Official Stock
FreeBSD:14 Official Base
FreeBSD:14 Official Stock
FreeBSD:14:i386 Official Base
FreeBSD:14:i386 Official Stock
FreeBSD:14:amd64 Official Base
FreeBSD:14:amd64 Official Stock
FreeBSD Ports Image
FreeBSD Ports Archive